Kagoshima Black Pork Tonkotsu


Kagoshima Black Pork Tonkotsu

Kagoshima prefecture is located towards the souther part of Kyushu Island and is defined by it’s proximity to the sea.

Kyushu island, which also contains Hakata and Fukuoka, is the birthplace of tonkotsu (pork bone broth) ramen. Thus, Kagoshima ramen is predominantly tonkotsu based as well. This pack of Kagoshima Black Pork Ramen contains noodles from a non-fried and non-steamed recipe to maintain as much of the original flavor and texture as possible and the noodles are straight and slightly thicker picking up more of the broth.

The tonkotsu broth contains broth made from Black Pigs from Kagoshima and has a distinct vegetable taste which is slightly sweet. There is also a distinct “burnt onion” taste unique to Kagoshima ramen.