Ramen History

Ramen History

With the proliferation of haute-cuisine ramen restaurants throughout North America, it's normal for people to ask the question of how it moved from college dorm room food to its current incarnation of gourmet food.

The truth of the matter is that in Japan, it was always this way and the rest of the world is now catching up!  Noodles are a way of life here and what North America views as 'ramen' is really just instant noodles created by Ando Momofuku (whom David Chang named his restaurants after).

Ando Momofuku was a Taiwanese-Japanese inventor whom created the noodles as a way to alleviate the food shortage crisis of post-war Japan.  In 1958 he introduced his first flavor "Chikin Ramen" through his company Nissin Foods.

It was only in 1971 after the creation of Cup Noodles did it turn into the popular format that we know today.  The simple process of just adding hot water to the styrofoam package was too simple and tasty to resist.

Since then the innovation has spawned numerous other companies, created a billion dollar industry and formed a cult following for people across the world!

At RamenTrunk we strive to introduce you to all this amazing variety and hope you'll join us.  We choose from only the best quality noodles that you won't see anywhere else outside of Japan that we feel will satisfy all of your cravings!